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The Center for Peer Review Justice (CPRJ) has been fighting for the rights of surgeons and physicians since about 2000. We have developed custom strategies to address both the type of accusations as well as the source. In addition to services to individual surgeons and physicians, we are involved in changing the political climate to achieve justice. Over the last 17 years, we have helped numerous physicians retain their profession, regain their dignity, and move on in their professional careers.

The federal law called the Healthcare Quality Improvement Act of 1986 (HCQIA) is a “legal carve-out”. It removes your substantive or factual due process rights (“due process rights”) leaving the procedural due process rights or a “right” to a hearing before your same accusers.  This was passed by Congress and is Federal Law for physicians. In general terms, an attorney cannot grant you rights that Congress has already removed. The Law gives immunity to the hospital, administrators,  MEC, and  physician leaders.

Regarding Courts, the Judge, being a lawyer, will side with the doctors who have Peer Reviewed you.

Thirty (30) days after suspension, the doctor is then “Data Banked” by the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB).  An investigation by the State Licensing Board often follows.

We are very proud of the numbers of physician testimonials and endorsements, and heartfelt letters of gratitude. Please see the Testimonials page now. Yes, it’s excessively long but we have earned every one of them.

The FIRST thing to do when Sham Peer Reviewed, Summary Suspended or when you get a Letter from your State Medical Board:



Let us help you manage all of the things necessary for your successful defense.

For Questions You Should Ask and Know before responding to any disciplinary action – Click HERE

Have you been called “Disruptive” or have behavioral issues? Have you received a notice for a disciplinary “hearing”, summary suspension, disciplinary action, hospital privileges revoked, your medical license suspended, reports sent to the National Practitioner Data Bank?

We have almost 18 years of experience and strategies and working with attorneys to help get you back into your practice, occasionally at the same facility, and help restore your good name.  Nothing is guaranteed – we do our best.

What The Center for Peer Review Justice Does


  1. Complimentary Second Opinions
  2. “Extra” Judicial or “Extra”- legal services. Necessary services that your lawyer does not offer The opposing side enjoys “immunity” and as such, it takes away any advantage the Peer Reviewed Doctor might have
  3. Experienced consulting in Sham Peer Review process and Bad Faith Peer Review
  4. Consulting Sham Peer Review defense
  5. 17 years of experienced advocacy
  6. Consulting Sham Peer Review Defense
  7. Legal Consultation by independent, Center lawyers
  8. Legal Referral Service; “The best lawyer is not the most expensive one.” Is your lawyer CPRJ Certified? Check with us for one in your area.
  9. Negotiation for your survival
  10. National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) “The Data Bank” Consultation
  11. Working to get you in your next position
  12. Re-entry  back into medicine, surgery, the clinic, O.R.
  13. Other services – ask us!


    We are available to lecture and have presentations on the following topics:
    1. Physician Peer Review Abuse (Sham Peer Review)
    2. State Medical Board Abuse
    3. National Practitioner Database Solutions
    4. Medical Office Compliance (Dr Willner is a Certified Medical Office Compliance Officer)   follow link to find out why you need this resource
    5. A topic of your choice.
     The Center for Peer Review Justice has been fighting for the rights of medical professionals since 2000. We have developed custom strategies to address both the type of accusations as well as the source. In addition to services to individual practitioners, we are involved in changing the political climate to be friendlier to both physicians and patients. We have helped numerous medical providers retain their profession and regain their dignity.
    Educating Doctors Against Sham Peer Review

    Dr. Richard Willner and Justice Antonin Scalia – may he R.I.P.

    Justice Scalia,  Dr.Richard B. Willner, Archbishop Gregory Michael Aymond

    Frequently the careers of physicians and other medical professionals are threatened by sudden challenges, many of which are motivated by bad faith on the part of hospital administrators and other practitioners.

    If you are being accused of providing substandard care, being a “disruptive physician” or any other claim that calls into question your ability to practice medicine safely, you could be facing consequences including the following:

    • Loss of hospital privileges
    • Loss of your license
    • A listing in the National Practitioner Data Bank
    • Administrative, regulatory or criminal penalties
    • Federal health care programs exclusion

    You need an experienced team with custom strategies to guide you through each stage of the process and stand up for your rights.  The administrative hearings do not follow the same “due process” rule of law that are used in a courtroom.  Are you and your legal team experienced in these frequently closed door meetings?