Whether you are a solo practitioner, multi-specialty group, or a community hospital, let our team of experts help you expand your business or start you off on the right foot. We can get you credentialed with the necessary payors quickly.

No two medical practices are alike.  Needs vary and the demands on medical practices to achieve clinical excellence and patient satisfaction while meeting financial and operational objectives require more work than ever. Managing, maintaining and updating a healthcare practice’s physician and non-physician contracts can equate to a full-time job by itself.  When there are multiple physicians, the challenge to stay current and pro-active is very real.

The Center for Peer Review Justice can help ease your struggle.  Our experienced staff includes physicians who understand this struggle  and can work with you and your staff to make the process that much easier.

Our staff handles full payer enrollment services and contract negotiations and credentialing with you, for you.  We will complete all of the necessary Medicare, Medicaid forms and applications, CAQH, NPI enrollment and other third-party payor applications for you.  We can help speed up the process of getting through Medicare and Medicaid applications by doing it the right way the very first time in most circumstances because we speak the language of physicians, the payors and healthcare Compliance. We’re on your side!

    Our services include:

  • Single Physician Practice Start-Ups, first time enrollment & credentialing
  • Multiple Physician credentialing and enrollment, change of practices or geographic locations
  • Medicare Revalidation: We can complete the task of getting the provider(s) and/or group re-validated with Medicare by processing all of the necessary paperwork
  • Nurse Practitioner & Physician Assistant Credentialing
    We also provide:

  • Contract negotiation to get you the best possible reimbursement rates from the payors.
  • Bi-weekly status updates from our experienced credentialing experts
  • Tools to monitor/maintain credentials to stay current and competitive with annual credentialing maintenance

If you need an extra pair of hands for a reasonable price without having to pay for another full-time employee, give us a call at 504-621-1670  or email at info@peerreviewjustice.org .  When you’re ready to call, we’re ready to help.