Doctors, Action Is Needed Today

by Richard B. Willner
Executive Director
The Center for Peer Review Justice

There was a time not so long ago when Doctors could have disputes with hospitals and simply move on. Nowadays, the hospital uses a fraudulent peer review to destroy the doctor’s career. The reason for this is to control the health care dollar and to diminish the bond of trust between physicians and patients and sell the snake oil of falsified hospital quality ratings to the public. The parties who have become the defacto credentialing authorities of physicians are corporate lawyers whose firms represent banking, insurance, cigarette companies, asbestos manufacturers and other gross offenders of health and well being of ordinary people in the pursuit of profit. These law firms comprise the roster of the Health lawyers association, and they are accomplished defenders of pseudoscience to serve their clients bottom line so the psycho babble of the quality movement is right up their alley.

We are way beyond the tipping poiint. But, sadly individual Physicians are too overwhelmed with caring for forced over-documentation, complying with too many Federal organizations who will fine or put a doctor in jail, and when they have time, caring for the sick.

Doctors are fixated at Obamacare for a very good reason. It is beyond horrible and only understood by those who read the Law and know that the hundred thousand pages of Regulations will follow. They don’t understand there are are no “appeal rights” for the patient. And, it is Government and they will control everything in its sight “to death”.

Govemment has no feeling. If an expensive Medicare patient should die a month early, well, I can see the Govenment accountants dancing in delight!!

How wrong Doctors are to ignore today’s battles at the state level. Doctors don’t care as “it does not affect me”. In time, the losses that physicians and surgeons suffer in one state gain speed and arrive in ALL states. And, when it is at your state, it is too late.

No Physician organization is fighting these battles that can be won. Often, battles are won by just one man who can persuade legislators on what the real issues are and how their ideas destroy the patient-doctor relationship. The issues are Big Money, Big Power and Big Control.

It is all about our special idealism that kept us going in Med School and in our Residency. It was our overwhelming desire to be the absolutely best doctor we could be. We weren’t driven by money but to excell in the care for one patient at a time. We wanted to be perfect even at our 36th hour awake. Our focus was super-human. We gave up our lives to learn our craft.
There is no question that the doctor no longer controls the “patient experience”.

But, if we want to win the big war, we can start by winning each small battle.

And this is a war that we must win as America trusts their precious health not to the suits or Government but to …. American Physicians.