Educating Doctors Against Sham Peer Review

By: Richard B. Willner
Executive Director
The Center for Peer Review Justice

Frequently the careers of physicians and other medical professionals are threatened by
sudden challenges, many of which are motivated by bad faith on the part of hospital
administrators and other practitioners.

If you are being accused of providing substandard care, being a “disruptive physician” or
any other claim that calls into question your ability to practice medicine safely, you
could be facing consequences including the following:

Loss of hospital privileges
Loss of your license
A listing in the National Practitioner Data Bank
Administrative, regulatory or criminal penalties
Federal health care programs exclusion

You need an experienced team with custom strategies to guide you through each stage of the
process and stand up for your rights. The administrative hearings do not follow the same
“due process” rule of law that are used in a courtroom. Are you and your legal team
experienced in these frequently closed door meetings?