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Your Host:  Dr. Richard Willner, Executive Director of The Center for Peer Review Justice   

The “Inside Baseball” on Audits

How to prevent them, how to prepare them, how to manage them, how to survive them. This lecture will provide insights about the audit system that can protect any practice.

Ms. Kocher, Esq, MBA, CHC, experienced health care lawyer and expert on audits.

Social Media Compliance Issues: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.Exposing and recognizing the vulnerabilities to your profession.

Robert Liles, ESQ, focuses his practice on health care fraud defense, internal audits / investigations, compliance and regulatory matters. Mr. Liles has represented a wide variety of health care providers in administrative and civil proceedings and in connection with internal compliance reviews.

Robert first began working in health care management after receiving a Masters in Health Care Administration in 1984. He subsequently attended law school and was hired after graduation as an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) in the Southern District of Texas (SDTX). While an AUSA, Robert worked out of the Houston office and primarily handled False Claims Act matters and cases. He was later promoted to serve as Chief of the Financial Litigation Unit for the SDTX. Shortly after the passage of HIPAA, hew as asked to serve as the first National Health Care Fraud Coordinator for the Department of Justice (DOJ), Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys (EOUSA). In this capacity, he advised prosecutors around the country on civil and criminal health fraud statutes, schemes, investigative tools, privacy concerns, and compliance issues. He was instrumental in writing and implementing DOJ guidance on the judicious use of the False Claims Act. Robert served as Deputy Director for Legal Programs. While with DOJ, he receieved a Director s Award, the highest award that can be bestowed by the agency.

Discounts and Waivers – When are they permissible? When are they likely illegal?

Join Ms. Kocher, Esq, MBA, to discuss how both health care providers and third-party billers often have a difficult time trying to determine whether their efforts qualify as “good faith efforts to collect” outstanding amounts.

Additionally, what does HHS-OIG mean when it says that “routine” waivers are likely to violate the federal Anti-Kickback Statute. When can you give someone a discount? This webinar is scheduled for 60 minutes with a Q & A to follow.

Social Media Licensure, Board, Medical Advice, Marketing, Unprofessional Conduct, Whistle-blowing, etc Issues for Physicians and Other Providers and Staff

An extremely timely topic presented by Attorneys Robert Liles, Ismail Laher and Paul Weidenfeld, on the current litigation issues presented by social media and its impact on your practice and your staff.

Mr. Liles focuses his practice on health care fraud defense, internal audits / investigations, compliance and regulatory matters.

Mr. Laher focuses his practice on regulatory compliance oversight, and strategic client counseling.

Mr. Weidenfeld has a rare combination of litigation experience and subject matter expertise in health law.

Insights in Medicine, Law, and Business

Mr. Clowdis has served as a staff writer and editor for the Journal of Legal Medicine as well as an officer in the United States Navy.

He has served as member and chairman of medical records committees, as a member of an investigational review board of a Cancer Center, as a member of a physician hospital organization board, and various other committees including laser safety and infection control. He is committed to improving healthcare quality by applying his medical knowledge in tandem with his legal and business training.

Secrets of Winning Medical Malpractice, my 40 Years of Experience in One Hour

Ken Haber, Esq. is a former Assistant United States Attorney/Senior Attorney Office of Inspector General ( OIG) in HHS. His 40 years of experience in health care law spans representation in ADA, RICO, Antitrust laws, Civil Rights, privileges, audit defense, etc. He was the lawyer for the landmark “Virmani” case.

Richard Willner has known Ken for 20 years and finds him not only an outstanding listener but quite a “creative” lawyer.

HIPAA– Working to Ace The Test

Jerrilyn Ward, Esq, a health care lawyer, specializes in complex litigation, regulatory matters, compliance, fraud and abuse, nursing home issues, reimbursement, state boards and risk issues.

Jerri will speak on the massive and intrusive, ever changing 20+ year-old  HIPAA laws, and what is needed to begin the job of getting into compliance to avoid the stupid mistakes that lead to fines.

Preventing and Facing Adversity: Recognizing and Managing Disturbing Traits in Others

Michael Rosenblatt, a modern Renaissance man, is an innovative healer, concert pianist,
an owner of a Medicare Certified Surgical Center, author of an ASC accreditation book used by 40 ASC’s, and auditor for Medicare and HMO’s.

If you are a physician or psychologist who is feeling burned-out, Mike’s insightful presentation will be immediately useful.

Richard Willner

Mr. Haber, Esq

Hinnant,Jr, MD, JD

Robert Marrero, Esq

Ms. H. Kocher, Esq, MBA, CHC

Mr. Haber, ESQ

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Ismail Laher, ESQ

Robert Liles, ESQ

Richard Willner

Jerrilynn Ward, ESQ

B. Boynton, RN, MS

Michael Rosenblatt, MD

Robert Liles, ESQ

Erin Archer, ESQ

Mr. Haber, ESQ

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Michael Rosenblatt, MD

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Ismail Laher, ESQ

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Robert Liles, ESQ

Robert Marrero, Esq

Richard Willner

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