A Short Modern History of Sham Physician Peer Review
Bad Faith Peer Review. Physician Peer Review Fraud

By: Richard B. Willner
Executive Director
The Center for Peer Review Justice

In the 1980’s when Wall Street “discovered” hospitals, enormous private dollars entered the health care sector. A new kind of public humility replaced the virtue of the honest men who created the intellectual and ethical capital of modern medicine.

These empty suits began greater risk sharing with their fellow strategists who would simultaneously lock down the Certificates of Need process to cover everyone’s bets.

Now Medicine has entered a new era of cooperation. Things like free speech and thought, substantive due process needed redefining in order for the Wall Streeters to gain the financial multiples projected by their proformas.

Medical credentialing had to become stronger while property claims inherent in the medical license had to be diminished. No physician could be allowed to speak out in public at the risk of disrupting the strategy and “due process” had to become meaningless and procedurally removed from the Courts. Enter the Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986 and enter the National Practitioner Data