thank you again for your help in successfully derailing a sham peer review at the Hospital. I request your help currently in my future participation with the hospital.

Over the past 5 years, I hardly ever admit patients to the Hospital nor do I perform elective surgery at their facilities. However, I have been MANDATED to perform on-call at the hospital 1 out of every 6 nights. 3 months ago a brand new specialist came to to the city and was hired by another Hospital and given full privileges at my Hospital but has never been on the call schedule. What I am looking for from your standpoint is options that I can pursue whereby I would be dismissed from on-call obligations with the condition that I can admit and treat my PRIVATE patients under emergency circumstances without harassment. I have submitted my renewal of privileges with WRITTEN omission of facial trauma, elective tracheostomy, transfer of patients from the operating room to the ICU (the subject of my sham peer review), conscious sedation, pediatric airway, and pediatric emergencies on unassigned patients. I also made it clear in writing that I do not participate in Medicaid. I have not heard any response—-they may make it easy by denial of renewal. If they harass me over it, yet they allow a brand new specialist physician to skate out of call unopposed, I may need you and your attorney to help me push them back.

November 1, 2012 12:11 pm

Note: Names of Hospitals and specialties were deleted for privacy.