Dear Rich,

Thank you for enrolling me in the CPRJ’s physician education center. The volume of information contained in the program was impressive. It was very educational and enlightening to review the sixty landmark legal cases that involved and went against “disruptive” physicians. I was floored by the case summary suspensions and the catastrophic consequences they cause. Most fascinating was how there seemed to be an automatic presumption of psychiatric of substance abuse problems in the physicians accused.

As physicians we deal with out peers as our ” colleagues” and assume they will understand our behavior. I now realize, with the help your program and ability to effectively communicate this information, that physicians must review the peer review process as a legal one and not “grand rounds”. It is so important that physicians understand the meaning of the work” disruptive” and how nurses and other hospital staff apply it to our behavior with almost complete immunity.

Your program is complete and thorough in every way and I am sure it is in no small part due to your passion for your job. You are able to motivating and demanding or your physicians, but in a funny and dynamic way. Most importantly, I am certain that this program can improve performance and patient care.

As CEO of the CPRJ you show a unique passion and attention to physicians needs which makes a winning combination.

Again, thank you so much for the hard work you have done for me and all of CPRJ’s clients.