Comments sent by California General and Neurosurgeon – 7/22/04

My thanks to Dr. Willner for taking so much time to speak with me. I plan to inform my attorney that I would like to obtain advice from your organization in order to put a stop to S.M. Hospital from their repetitive career assassinations. They have their own HMO, and if you do not “belong” to the chosen group then you are a target. I’ve been threatened directly by the administrator to join their group or he’ll “drive me out of town.” They also have one particular physician who has sold his soul to S.M. Hospital and readily criticizes any and all individuals whom he just does not like. The S.M. Hospital also has a surgeon who is one of their HMO docs who is used to ruin the “outside” surgeons….Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have enjoyed a stellar career in surgery and have an impeccable reputation in community. BUT, the hospital and their paid whores have tarnished it.”


CA General & Neurosurgeon