I wanted to comment about how invaluable is the Center for Peer Review Justice (CPRJ).

In June 2000 the following dubious “review” by physicians, non of whom were in my specialty, my employment was terminated and my career amputated. There was little advice of information anywhere. I was stunned and bewildered.

Some months later I became aware of Dr. Richard Willner and then the fledging Center for Peer Review Justice. Rich had become involved in the case or Dr. Brian Gale, a podiatrist in North Dakota, and Rich was just beginning to learn the ropes.

Since then, he has devoted himself tirelessly, and at great personal cost, to those unjustly wronged. As far as i am aware, he has never refused advice or assistance, even though he did this without payment. Over the years, Rich has developed foremost knowledge asnd expertise of the whole peer review process. I believe that he has become aware of over 2,300 cases in the last three years, where the motives ad performance of a peer review have malice, bias and incompetence.

At present, the CPRJ has an impressive website (PeerReview.org), with an expanding list of cases and opinions, as well as a panel of legal experts who have extensive experience in representing physicians who are victims of a sham peer review. There is an evolving modus operandi on how to mount a defense, as well as a campaign to expose the abuse of peer review to a wide public.

I would urge any physician who is a victim of such abuse to contact Rich at info@peerreview.org for assistance. I would also urge any organization, such as the AAPS, to support the Center financially, as Rich cannot continue to bear the cost from his own pocket.

Clive Sinoff