Dr. Richard Willner, the director of the Center for Peer Review Justice, has been an ardent, strong supporter of me during the attempts of my ex-business partner and my wife’s ex-husband to destroy my professional career. These two professionals (?) filed complaint, after complaint in an attempt to get my license suspended and revoked between 2004 and 2008. Despite obstacle after obstacle in my battle to save my professional career, we prevailed with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts. That is not to say, I didn’t get reprimanded. It must continue medical record-based supervision until 2012; faced public censure; and fines. The “win” for us was that I am able to continue to treat hundreds of patients who rely on me for their professional treatment. My patients have been loyal and dedicated to me. I remain loyal and dedicated to them. I owe my professional career to my patients and Dr. Richard Willner. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Dr. D. G.
Child Psychiatrist