To whomever it may concern: I am a physician specialist, currently retired. I spent my entire career employed at a state institution. . Dr. Richard Willner and the Center for Peer Review stood up for me and protected my career in 2 separate instances of alleged sexual harassment:

a) The first involved a female Vietnamese physician. She was standing at the main lobby counter with nearby snack machines. I purchased a rather large candy bar: not wanting to eat the whole thing, I offered her a piece. With multiple witnesses present, it was clearly evident to what I was referring. She immediately starting screaming about sexual harassment and ran to Human Resources to file a complaint against me. When the dust settled after they did their investigation, I was told that during the Vietnam War, American GI’s used to offer Vietnamese girls candy for sex. I adamantly didn’t know anything about that sordid piece of history … With the Center for Peer review Justice vigorously defending me, I was totally exonerated …..

b) The second involved my long term friendship, totally platonic, with a female employee of the medical records department. we both used to jokingly berate each other, often with outrageous sexual overtones. Neither one of us was serious and neither one of us took offense. Any one that knew us, even casually, would know that we both were pranksters and that we used to cut up with each other …. one day my friend’s supervisor’s supervisor walked by and instituted a sexual harassment suit WITHOUT MY FRIEND EVEN KNOWING ABOUT IT IN HER NAME …

Again with the vigorous (consulting) defense of Dr. Richard Willner and the CENTER FOR PEER REVIEW JUSTICE, my name was exonerated and my career saved …… My career owes a big debt of gratitude to Dr Willner!

Dr G.