Dear Dr. Willner,

Thanks for your help again. You truly are a physician advocate for life. You successfully help me reverse a Hospital Summary Suspension in the past. I successfully got a physician job and hospital privileges in another Hospital. I was being a doctor caring for my patients and being an advocate for them. The Health insurance wanted to have meeting with me. I got nervous and “out of the blue” one week before the meeting, you called me to ask how I was doing and do I like my job. I told you about my meeting coming up with the insurance company and you gave me tips to help me with meeting. When I had the meeting with the insurance company, I ” hit the ball out of the park” in defending myself. The insurance wanted me to save money them money, rather than be an advocate for my patients, I told them my commitment to saving them money and I am “safe” for now thanks to your advice. God Bless You!

Dr J. C.