You have been so wonderful with all of the advice and support you have given me over these past few months, and honestly I cannot thank you enough.

I never realized how incredibly difficult it would be to get a program for a resident after they’ve been dismissed. We both know that this does not apply to my situation, but there is a similarity in that both require an unbelievable effort by everyone involved.

I have seen how much effort you have put into the cases involving these dismissed residents, and it blows me away to think that you are able to dedicate that much time and effort into such a task. The first time these young doctors landed a residency it was much easier, much simpler. But the second time must be infinitely more difficult, especially if the program dropped the young doctor for a moral infraction such as lying, cheating or stealing. I would think the biggest hurdle with that would be the lack of integrity with the dismissed resident, and I am lI:0t sure how you would go about correcting that.

Regardless, I am certain that you would do everything possible to help these young doctors get another program. I have complete trust in you and strongly believe that you will do everything possible to help with my situation, as I will do what I can to help myself since it is a combined effort that is required with mine or the dismissed residents’ cases in order to have a chance at success.

Thank you again, Richard, for everything.

Dr S. Montgomery