Richard Willner is clearly the front runner in the area of Advocacy in the Peer Review Arena.

This is an area where the Peer Review Organizations enjoy an incredible shield of Immunity which insulates them from having grievances addressed in a legal arena.

These are human Beings making decisions on issues that often relate to personality, professional relationships, often secret, personal agendas, market shares, styles of practice, life styles, race, religion and many other things that should not be part of the peer review process.

Richard Willner has mastered the area of Extra Legal Methods to address the Peer Review Organizations. How do you Shine a Light on things that these Boards and Committees have done. They do not like the negative publicity that results when their mistakes and often corruption is made public.

Advocacy costs money. One should not expect it to be free. People who promote things deserve to be compensated. That is whether they are advocating as a Lobbyist, or preparing an advertising campaign for a product or your practice. Richard Willner acts as a personal advocate for individuals to bring their case to light, or possibly to restore a reputation that has been trashed.

There are not many people who do what Richard Willner does. Where would you begin to find someone with his skills or even to know that someone with his skills exists when you need them. Certainly the best place to tell people about yourself and your services is anywhere that you are explaining what has happen need to others.

You may not like the fact that there is someone there advocating for people who have gotten shafted…but he has been successful because you know he is there.

Richard WILLNER is a Master of the Extra Legal Approach to Defense against Administrative Injustice. You should be thankful that there is someone that is there to help you when you need him


J. Matthews, MD
August, 2004