Author: Lydia H Grotti, MD, FCCP
Subject: Richard Willner and the Center for Peer Review Justice

Thank God for Richard Willner!

When I was at my lowest point in my ongoing battle for the right to work in the field of my dreams, that for which I trained for 6 years and in which I am board certified, a voice came to me over the phone, telling me that I am not alone in this farce that is called “disciplinary action by the Board” or “peer review”. He got me in touch with others whom I could support and who could support me.

I was given renewed hope and will stand tall for what is right and speak out for what is wrong. I will remain a proponent of the patient’s (and their surrogates’) right to make their own decision about their End of Life Care and of the physician’s duty to abide by that decision. I will also remain a proponent of a patient’s right to a dignified and comfortable death, without fear, anxiety and/or pain. That is the law and I followed the law, despite accusations to the contrary.

With the support of the Center, Richard Willner and my lawyers, I am confident that justice (or some semblance thereof) will prevail. If my accusers win, Critical Care, End of Life Care (including Hospice Care) will be set back decades and patients will once again SUFFER death.

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