Richard Willner and the Center for Peer Review Justice

If you are reading this, you are probably a victim of some kind of sham peer review or action against you by a hospital board, state practice board or other authority over which you have no control. You may (reasonably) ask why and how a non-lawyer who himself is a non-practicing podiatrist can possibly be in a position to help you.

After the devastating initial shock of the event, and after you consider the ramifications of this attack, your first impulse is to call an attorney. This is a logical choice. Attorneys are familiar with and have training on how to handle issues where there are constitutional protections. But the problem with peer review is that there are none. There are only “procedural” protections, the majority of which are in place to protect the members of the Board, not you. That is a stunning and shocking revelation.

There are other elements of law where there is also no real constitutional protection as well, the most common one being “bullying” done to children who are not yet of legal age. Children do not have the same “constitutional protections” as adults. In most jurisdictions, when bullying occurs the law has no application of protection unless the child is actually physically attacked. Even in cases of actual physical attack, often there is no prosecution against the attackers, or “legal” recourse.

This is a perfect metaphor for sham peer review. In adolescent and child bullying, most of the “protections” are built in to protect school districts and municipalities. While it is possible to sue districts for inadequate child protection, this is a Pyrrhic victory because actual settlements are exceedingly rare and in any case, your child has already been damaged, sometimes irreversibly.
You need MORE than a lawyer, because the legal ammunition that lawyers provide is very limited in cases where there are no Constitutional protections.

Fortunately there is a person who actually has the skills to fight sham peer review, since the year 2000. More recently he also has developed methods to get relicensed and find locum tenens positions for physicians who have had denials of state licensure. This is an entirely new format of services for the CPRJ and has been surprisingly successful for clients willing to share the “work-load” with the Center.

In fact, Dr. Richard Willner has been active and highly successful in both sham peer review and rehabilitation of “lost” licensure in cases that have run to that extreme. Dr. Willner is an unusual person, with both great empathy and a curious ability to see the reasons behind the actions against his clients. Much of this comes with his vast experience, but there is certainly an “innate” talent that very few people, physician, lawyer or administrator have. Just as a great concert pianist starts out with innate talent, Dr. Willner seems to have been “born” to accomplish things that very few people can do.

I urge you to hire the CPRJ in your battle against the bullies. Most of you have worked through attorneys. The very fact that you are considering CPRJ means that you probably have reached the end point of their consultations and efforts. But in truth, you should have started out with Dr. Willner and HIS own hand-picked legal counsel. You cannot make a better choice. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.


Mon, 22 Feb 2016