To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure and a sense of gratitude that I recommend Richard Willner and his Center For Peer Review Justice to you.

I was fortunate to have come to know Mr. Willner shortly after I became involved in seemingly insurmountable difficulties regarding my medical Practice. I can truly say that Richard was a real life saver for me.

At a time when my world seemed to be crashing down on my head, Richard Willner was sent like an angel to help me in my fight for justice.

It was very lucky for me that Mr. Willner and his Center for Peer Review Justice were involved in the areas of Peer Review, Licensing and Data Banking and has carved out a niche in which he utilizes “extra legal and extrajudicial” defenses to come to the aid of doctors who are paralyzed by a legal morass in which the other side seems to have all the protection and there is not the legal protections that we expect in America. The fact is that Boards and Review Panels do not work under the premise that you are innocent unless proven guilty. They see their role as one to protect the public even if it means that the professional is wrongly convicted or restricted. Sometimes they have. other less noble motives.

In a field where the success rate is very low because the other side has immunity, he seems to win for his clients.

He gives lectures to healthcare lawyers and is well respected by his peers. Each case is different. There are different situations and different players, so he develops creative solutions which change with the playing field. Don’t expect a cookie cutter job. He won’t tell you what he is going to do. He gets to the bottom of things and gets results one step at a time.

Over the last two years, I have seen his clients have satisfactory results time and time again. Often the wins are very quiet. Sometimes, I have seen where he has toppled a corrupt board and its lawyer or mounted a legislative battle to result in a win. Richard knows how to utilize the media to your best use. Most wins are much lower key. He has been a trial consultant and keeps up with cases all over the country.

He is intensely focused with your winning and staying in practice, whether it is making some behind the scene calls or working to get data bank information changed to better reflect a situation. Sometimes he is just there to support you emotionally so you have the strength to win the game.

Richard Willner started the field of extra legal and extra judicial defense with his center for Peer Review Justice. He affordably provides things that lawyers are unable to do. Certainly, you may need to have expert Legal Advice as well. Mr. Willner balances your defense with an offense which the system is not expecting.

I might liken using a legal defense to playing piano with only the white keys. Mr. Willner’s extra legal defense, rounds out your program with the black keys …. The sharps and flats that are needed to get you through a perilous situation.

I would heartily recommend Mr. Willner to most people wanting to have a full defense.

Philip J. Leonard MD, Neurology, Austin, Texas