August 7, 2007

Dr. McKalip, the biggest risk to medical practice economic viability I have never heard mentioned at the FMA, AMA, or any county medical society meeting.

Read this excellent article (link below) and the insert sections on peer review. As a 2 time FMA delegate who is just beginning to get a feel for the process, I may have simply missed resolutions on this issue. Ultimately the biggest imminent threat to your practice economic viability and your medical licensure comes not from insurance companies but from your fellow physicians and local hospital systems.

The 4 part series of articles was written in 2003 and I cannot believe I had no clue about their significance and content. There are few if any organizations that actually help physicians with this threat to their economic practice viability. It is quite literally the mucormycosis of your professional career. Like that disease it is rare, poorly recognized, and rapidly devastating with high degree of morbidity and mortality.

I have no financial interest in the center for peer review justice except that I am a member.

Sam, MD