Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dear Rich,

It has been a pleasure working with you. By taking your advice, even when it seemed to go against what some attorney and medical practice advisors told me, I am saved. Unless you have experienced a shamming, you won’t know how isolating and anxiety producing life in the hospital trenches can be. Your experience and knowledge were my light and beacon. You can’t cover true light with darkness.

All of the “experts” that I have had to use in my situation did their jobs, you actually helped me stay on the correct course. I now have many “experts” interested in your opinion and we have been working with your advice in mind.

My husband was happy that I could call you late at night, over weekends, multiple times when we needed to do some problem solving. I was actually able to have some wonderful family moments during this very rough patch, because the Center helped me to “decompress”.

Some of my colleagues, who knew I was being shammed, were impressed by how happy and calm I was during my peer review process. It wasn’t Prozac; it was Rich. I was able to stay positive and focused on saving my career because you helped me maintain my confidence in myself.

My life took a different course than expected. I am on the verge of some wonderful opportunities. It was because you kept me strong with my head held high, that I was able to see that there were other places to use my skills. You have many connections to very useful and talented people. It was wonderful to belong to this medical, professional fraternity.

I owe you everything. I will gladly help others if I can. Please let me know what I can do. Sham peer review is a career – ender. Sham peer review should be stopped. It can happen to anyone.